Get a bigger penis the safe way with natural supplements

Most men are unhappy with their penis size, especially if you are well below the average and have seen the disappointed face of a woman more than once after undressing. This included me, Steve, a 40 year old guy from California. Past, because I found an absolutely natural supplement that helped me increase my penis size significantly without any strange devices or endless hours of training or jelqing.


Are exercises an effective way for penis enlargement?

Excercises sounds like the gym and that’s the problem with all jelqing courses: The penis isn’t a muscle than can be trained with a workout. It doesn’t increase in size permanently, no matter how often you are masturbating. Training programs basically work like this: You are streching, pulling and bending your dick in half-erect state, slightly damaging erectile tissue. When these minimal injuries heal, the penis builds up more tissue. Nice in theory, but the corpus cavernosum, how scietists call it, won’t grow this way. It will just be damaged which can result in severe erectile problems, a gross looking penis that becomes thinner and thinner. Wrong jelqing can even result in a bent penis or fracture. No real fracture, the penis isn’t some sort of bone, but a fracture of the corpus cavernosum is a serios injury that requires immediate treamtment in a hospital to save your manhood. To see results with exercises, daily training would be required, experts say at least half an hour daily. It’s nothing you can do while having a shower, definitely only suitable for men living alone. Since I have a wife, I skipped on training. “Hey darling, I’m in the bathroom for my daily penis exercises!” Plus, the risk isn’t worth it, if you don’t believe me just red this story on Reddit or this report on MedHelp. Larger but never hard again? Not a smart choice, even if it would work.


Are extenders or weights a good way to grow your penis?

After having a look at the extenders available today, I decided to give the pretty famous “Size Genetics” stretching device a try. It shipped fast, but after trying it for about 30 minutes I knew it was the wrong decision to get one. First of all, it always slips from the glans if it doesn’t fit really tight. If it fits really tight, it will start hurting after a few minutes. The device itself feels very uncomfortable in your trouseres and it’s easy to spot for everybody that you are wearing it. Impossible to wear at work or when leaving the house. At night, you can only sleep on your back. I absolutely can’t imagine how someone can wear this kind of extender for many hours a day, totally illusional. After doing some more research, I found out they are as dangerous as jelqing, the same very negative side effects that can negative influence the look of your penis and the ability to get a full and hard erection. In worst case, extenders can cause erectile dysfunction, permanent and non-reversible impotence. Again, this isn’t some made up paranoia, see here or read this experience. Same with the old fashioned weight hanging, a dick simply isn’t meant to be manually stretched.


Can pills really increase penis size, enlargement with just a supplement?

I did quite a lot of research on penis pills and all their ingredients. First of all, there are two types of pills:

1. Enhancement pills that primarily increase the bllow flow in your penis and make it a little harder, but not really bigger. These pills often contain Yohimbe, an ingredient you should stay away from since it can cause heart problems and has other severe side effects.
2. Enlargement pills that work a similar way, but also permanently increase penis size. These are the ones to go for, because being s stud is nice, but being one with a big dick is even better.

When ordering, always make sure to buy directly from the manufacturer, there are a bunch of counterfeit cheap capsules and pills from China and various other Asian countries, like this report from Australia or this one from New Zealand. VigRX didn’t work really well for me anyway, no growth after a full month with the recommended dosage.

The pill that was a real breaktrought for me is called Xtra Size, a product from Europe. It gives you really fast results, after a few days there was a measurable difference for me. Even better, the manufacturer offers of 90 day no questions asked money back guarantuee, so if you don’t see results or don’t like Xtrasize for any other reason, send it back and enjoy your money. It doesn’t require any prescription, but feel free to ask your urologist upfront if you are unsure. For me it was the easiest, healthiest and safest way to increase my size by a total of 3 inches. The effect still lasts.

My XtraSize Bottle

It’s no snake oil like homeopathy, but contains natural ingredients that already have been used for penis enlargement hundreds of years ago and have a scientifically proven effect on your penis. A lot of research went in the special formula and combination of ingredients to make sure it works fast, for all men, without any severe side effects. Speaking about side effects, all I remember is some mild headaches in the first few days, probably caused by increased circulation and a boost of my hormone levels.

The bottom line

If you are looking at 9 websites, you’ll probably read 10 different statements what works best to enlarge your penis the natural way. I’ve spent a lot of time online myself, but at the end, it was trial and error. I was looking for a solution that works without risking my health or the quality of my erections. I wasn’t willing to excercise daily or do anything that’s painful. That’s why my choice was pills and I did never regret it. It’s certainly a smart choice, they are a little more expensive than those ebooks or a streching device if you want to go for the maximum results and take them over several month, but compared to surgical penis enlargement (phalloplasty) and all this risks and pain involved, it’s a really cheap solution to get a bigger penis.

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